Postal Clerk

    Postal Clerks provide a full range of postal services to Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) members and their families at CAF bases and establishments.

    The primary responsibilities of the Postal Clerk are to:
  • Perform all mail handling duties related to the receipt, dispatch and delivery of mail
  • Operate a postal tracing service
  • Maintain the security of mail and of post office premises as well as the security of cash, postal valuables and sensitive equipment
  • Prepare and distribute bills of lading for international and domestic mail dispatched by road, rail, sea and air
  • Operate a postal financial counter in accordance with Canada Post regulations and directives
  • Conduct financial accounting and audit duties at military post offices
  • Type routine correspondence, forms and documents
  • Operate office equipment including calculators, photocopiers, computers and postage meters

  • Work environment
    Postal Clerks serve with Royal Canadian Navy, the Army and the Royal Canadian Air Force in Canada and abroad. They typically work in a postal office, but may also be on a ship at sea, in a temporary postal office in an operational unit, or a mobile postal van.